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        The success of our business has been testimony to our belief that small things really do make big differences. Throughout our growth, we have always put our customers first. Our core values have not changed a bit from when we were only 2 people working in a small warehouse office (12m²) in November 2015. We still have the same solutions-driven passion to be the best in what we do, and together, we strive for perfection every step of the way. Since inception, great focus has been on the mission of building superior customer relationships and providing the highest quality products with special attention to timely delivery. […]




          Vision Empowered by a passionate and innovative workforce under the guidance of a forward-thinking leadership team, ZALATEX aims to become the most trusted multidisciplinary group in Vietnam and the region by 2029 while promoting Vietnam’s intellectual resources in the global marketplace. Mission Invest in and deliver products and services that contribute towards helping Vietnam’s industries take their place in the global supply chain. Constantly improve, create and innovate while growing, sharing and fulfilling our responsibilities towards the community. Gain the trust and confidence of our clients, partners and staff.




Zalatex WayG Project is an Innovation Project where everyone is involved to achieve Zalatex’s Vision. We focus our efforts on speed, cost, quality and service to satisfy our customers. World Class Management System • Implementation of Foresight Management System • Implementation of ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX System Strengthening Core Competencies • Promote Entrepreneurship • Research Activities by Zalatex WayG Process Team • Provide Personal Development Programs Revenue-based • Creative Manufacturing and Supply Chain Innovations • Increase Productivity at Zalatex Weaving & Dyeing Co., Ltd. • Vertical Integration Business Process Efficiency • Establishment of Predication Management System Managing for the Future • Enterprise-wide Innovation and Mindset Change • Industrie 4.0 / […]




Zalatex Group is not only one of the leading enterprises in the textile industry but also developing business areas such as real estate, commercial, tourist, industrial … The work environment is stable, dynamic, professional, good remuneration in accordance with the young candidates, dynamic, progressive and accepting challenges. Please ensure that regulations and development work at our company in the following positions:




PRODUCT TESTING In House Capabilities Our facilities are committed to constant product testing to insure quality and compliance. QUALITY CONTROLS Quality is built in Quality does not start with an inspection when a product leaves our facilities – it ends there. Before a product ever gets to our final inspection, it has been checked, tested and reviewed at every step in the process, from raw materials through each production step to final finishing and packaging.




OEKO-TEX No Harmful Substances Quality means safe practices and safe products. Our Oeko-tex certification assures that your products contain no harmful substances – and meet CPSIA and REACH standards.   ISO Process Management Our ISO certification shows our commitment to continuous quality improvement. In other words – we started with a firm commitment to quality, and are committed to constant improvement. B.S.C.I. Ethics and Peace Of Mind Our Business Social Compliance Initiative certification is your assurance that not only do we produce quality products – we produce them with quality processes and ethical treatment of our employees.  




          “We take care of our people, because passionate employees make all the difference in today’s competitive landscape.” The ethics for trading and business simultaneously accompanied with social policies are strictly complied by us because of being not only our main mission as globally trading and manufacturing company. All officers and employees are always deeply taken care and concerned by us because of our understanding about the importance of human resource considered as our business’s backbone and all staff must recieve the respect from the work done by them simultaneously escorted with valuable feeling. We ensure strict adherence to the following policies through verified third-party auditors […]




            “We work and business across the world, meaning it is our responsibility to consider the environment in everything we do.” At Zalatex we believe that being environmentally sustainable is about more than just choosing the right materials. It’s a total approach, applicable throughout the packaging supply chain, from concept design to the sampling and approval process through to the selection of raw materials, printing, converting and distributing of your products. Simply put, at Zalatex, being environmentally sustainable means all our designing, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution methods are as ecologically sound as possible. Reduced Waste From the initial design process, products can be made more […]