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The 10 years of professional production, quality is favored by the industry. It`s operating tentacles cover the packaging industry, footwear, clothing, daily necessities, etc.


Zalatex implements the quality policy of innovative development, quality assurance, punctual delivery, cooperation with customers, reasonable price and after-sales service, so as to ensure the quality of the products.


The 24 hours of service, improve service in the production and use of the whole process, provide perfect protection for customers.

One Stop Packaging Materials Solution For Custom Made

Our best-in-class products and services are built on a thorough understanding of our customers and the market. Our extensive offering includes ribbon, braided cord, twisted cord, knitted cord and paper bag handle.
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Braided Cord
Elastic String Cord
Grosgrain Ribbon
Herringbone Ribbon

We Are Innovative At Heart

Professional + Service are the core advantages of Zalatex to win the trust of customers!
2,900,000 yards per day / 10,000 kinds of products / 196 colors stocks

Customized In Any Design, Width, Material

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