PRODUCT TESTING In House Capabilities Our facilities are committed to constant product testing to insure quality and compliance. QUALITY CONTROLS Quality is built in Quality does not start with an inspection when a product leaves our facilities – it ends there. Before a product ever gets to our final inspection, it has been checked, tested and reviewed at every step in the process, from raw materials through each production step to final finishing and packaging.



OEKO-TEX No Harmful Substances Quality means safe practices and safe products. Our Oeko-tex certification assures that your products contain no harmful substances – and meet CPSIA and REACH standards.   ISO Process Management Our ISO certification shows our commitment to continuous quality improvement. In other words – we started with a firm commitment to quality, and are committed to constant improvement. B.S.C.I. Ethics and Peace Of Mind Our Business Social Compliance Initiative certification is your assurance that not only do we produce quality products – we produce them with quality processes and ethical treatment of our employees.