“We take care of our people, because passionate employees make all the difference in today’s competitive landscape.” The ethics for trading and business simultaneously accompanied with social policies are strictly complied by us because of being not only our main mission as globally trading and manufacturing company. All officers and employees are always deeply taken care and concerned by us because of our understanding about the importance of human resource considered as our business’s backbone and all staff must recieve the respect from the work done by them simultaneously escorted with valuable feeling. We ensure strict adherence to the following policies through verified third-party auditors […]



            “We work and business across the world, meaning it is our responsibility to consider the environment in everything we do.” At Zalatex we believe that being environmentally sustainable is about more than just choosing the right materials. It’s a total approach, applicable throughout the packaging supply chain, from concept design to the sampling and approval process through to the selection of raw materials, printing, converting and distributing of your products. Simply put, at Zalatex, being environmentally sustainable means all our designing, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution methods are as ecologically sound as possible. Reduced Waste From the initial design process, products can be made more […]



          “We go further to work with the environment—not against it—to create outstanding environmentally friendly products.” We offer a wide range of sustainable materials that provide environmental, social and economic benefits throughout an entire product’s lifecycle—from the extraction of raw materials to final disposal. Customers aiming to maximize the protection of consumer health and the environment can consider the following sustainable materials: Bamboo Bamboo is hypoallergenic, absorbent, fast drying and naturally anti-bacterial, while both extremely durable and soft as silk at half the price. It grows quickly at 10 times the yield of cotton with less input of water pesticides and fertilizers. Coconut Palm Coconut palms […]



          “Social responsibility is one of the most important things to us here at Zalatex.” We will focus on helping the poor children with disabilities, orphans, poor children with a love for learning, and older homeless people. In addition, we always ask and encourage our employees to participate in social activities and charities. We are always happy to take the time and opportunity to support our society and the volunteer organizations that help our community, free of charge. In these social issues and charitable causes, we would like to work with the charity organizations and to create long-term cooperative relationships that match our business values.